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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: April 25, 2023



Q: What airlines and routes do you offer?

A: With the IATA & ARC accreditations in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, Unififi Cloud provides tech-driven flight supply solutions for air travel merchants, which enable real-time search, booking, payment, and after-sales management of over 340 airlines, covering more than 90% of the world's international routes with hundreds of millions of valid routes.

The airfares we supply not only include full-service(FSC) airlines, such as American Airlines, Air China, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, etc. but also include a large option of budget airlines (LCC) such as Jetstar Airways, Eurowings, Juneyao Airlines, Norwegian Shuttle Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, some are not available through GDSs.

Accessing Unififi Cloud means that your ticket resources can cover all corners of the world to meet your customer demands. 

For a detailed list of content and carriers, please check out here 👉 Our Content



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Q: Why do your airfares have advantages?

A: As a new-generation flight wholesaler & consolidator operating in Europe, Asia, America, and Australia for many years, UNIFIFI has IATA/ARC/BSP agency accreditations and has a good cooperative partnership with many airlines and GDS partners.

In addition to private airfares and NDC/API fares, we also share profitability with our merchant partners via our promoted airfares.

Leveraging Unififi Cloud solutions, merchants can easily reduce technical and fulfillment costs, save GDS and technical maintenance fees, and, most importantly, gain hyper-efficiency advantages from multiple air content sources, ticketing automation, self-serving order management, and after-sales customer support services.

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Q: How is the pricing structure?

A: The ticket prices on the Unififi Cloud platform are transparent in net price (base price + tax price), which are dynamically aggregated based on availability and ranked by price level with detailed conditions. After the ticket is issued, according to the actual after-sales needs, UNIFIFI charges corresponding service fees for after-sales reissues, refunds and changes, and special service needs such as infant tickets, extra luggage, etc.

Unless agreed separately, all payments are exclusive of VAT and transaction-related surcharges caused by the payment method/currency exchanges. See more details here 👉 How it Works.


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Q: Can I check your solution and prices before making the decision?

A: Yes. Our sales team will be happy to assist you with opening a test account. 

Please fill out this from 👉 Request Access, or choose your preferred way to contact us.


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Q: Can we use your solution if we don't have IATA Agent accreditation?

A: Of course you can.
If you are a travel agency or provide travel-related services, you are familiar with the many problems that can arise without IATA certification, such as the inability to issue tickets and provide post-sale refunds and changes. At the same time, it is at a disadvantage in negotiating the best price with airlines.

IATA International Air Transport Association carries out strict qualification certification for travel companies or ticket agents. Obtaining IATA compliance certification is often time-consuming and costly. At the same time, the agency qualification requirements and entry levels are different in different regions/countries, which adds to the complexity for travel agencies with cross-border service needs. Many of our large customers, such as air ticket wholesalers or large OTAs, although they have their agency qualifications, they often cooperate with us to supplement their ticket sources with extensive international coverage.

When you use Unififi Cloud APIConnet or AgentShop login, we serve you as the host agency with our digital supply and B2B customer services. Our professional product solutions will help you to achieve more with less effort.


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Q: Who is using your solutions?

A: UNIFIFI currently has over 300 active purchasing merchants, and it is still growing rapidly with the rapid recovery of the travel and tourism industry. Our customers include large wholesale companies, medium-to-large OTAs, travel agencies, business travel companies, and emerging new-retailing businesses who would like to offer and service flight tickets in their product portfolio. We also provide group fares and tailor-made solutions for corporates, institutions, and business organizations.

Especially under the catalysis of the epidemic, travelers' demand for timely feedback, personalization, and customized assistance has significantly increased. Our all-in-one solutions have been able to contribute irreplaceable value to our merchant partners.

Unififi Group strives to provide the best one-stop air ticket supply and service solutions.

Learn more 👉 Our Solutions.


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Q: What do I need to submit to access your solutions?

A: Based on your business needs, we have three solutions: Unififi Cloud APIConnect, Unififi Cloud Agentshop, and Unififi Groupfares. Customers who connect with API usually have their own technical and operational capabilities. The Agentshop platform login method is friendly for companies who prefer to shop manually online.

For any b2b applicant who would like to purchase through us, we require submission of a valid business license and/or legal person's personal identification e.g. ID card or passport number, and contact information. For independent agents, we also offer a simplified certification process. Once you submit the request, our sales representative will contact you for the detailed materials needed.

See more details here 👉 How it Works.


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Reservation & Ticketing


Q: Why can I not find one route on your platform, but I can see it from the airline website or other websites?

A: The airfare distribution is complex. Airlines strategize and distribute content dynamically in different channels according to many factors. 

That's why, as a super consolidator, Unififi Cloud aggregates and filters possible content dynamically across multiple GDS systems and direct connectivity with airlines (NDC & API). We have covered about 300 airlines for 90% of the global coverage at the moment and continuously expanding and deepening the supply.

If you cannot locate the route option on our platform, please check with our online customer support. They would be happy to double-check and assist you to find alternative options.


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Q: My customers need group fares and, if possible, allotment or charter. Will you provide services too?

A: Of course. Unififi Groupfares & On-demand team can help you. We will provide you with the best price plan according to the actual route needs. Learn more about our offerings here at 👉 Unififi Groupfares & On-demand.


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Commercial Structures


Q: Do I need to sign additional contracts with airlines and/or the GDS system?

A: For purchasing through Unififi Cloud, you do not need to sign other contracts separately.


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Q: Can you provide your PCC for our use?

A: Our business model is not through PCC. Only by accessing UNIFIFI Cloud can you get high-quality services, including robust high-quality flight ticket content and our end-to-end shopping support.


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Q: Does UNIFIFI offer rebates or a revenue share program?
A: Yes. W
e have shared profitability through the net airfares offered through Unififi Cloud. You can also decide your pricing strategy (ticket & service) when you sell to your end customers. 

To accelerate the industry recovery, we do offer an incentive program that is available to our merchant partners who meet the eligibility requirements, e.g. 

  • Use pre-payment, and have good settlement records 

  • Reach a certain level of ticketing run rate with UNIFIFI

For more details, welcome to consult our Sales Representative 👉Request Access Form, or choose your preferred way to contact us.


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