15% Off AnadoluJet Airline Turkey Promotion

Unififi - 15% discount opportunity on flights from Europe and the Balkans to Türkiye and Northern Cyprus

From Europe & the Balkans to Türkiye(Turkey) 

Now 15% discount with AnadoluJet from Turkish Airlines

Starting June 1, 2022, Turkey has officially lifted all COVID-19 entry restrictions. This means that tourists traveling to Turkey will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccinations and no longer require pre-travel and post-arrival Covid-19 tests. And they don't have to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

According to a report by the World Travel & Tourism Council, Turkey will be the fourth most popular European destination in the summer of 2022. Especially with the decline of the lira, its excellent price/performance ratio has driven the rapid increase in bookings in the European market. The country's tourism this year is expected to return to 2019 level.


🗓️ Booking and flight period

Ticketing Dates: June 30, 2022 - July 16, 2022

Flight Dates: June 30, 2022 - March 31, 2023

🤝 Terms and conditions

Within the scope of the campaign, a 15% discount will be valid on all packages and classes, excluding taxes and duties.

  • The campaign is valid on the condition that there are at least 3 and 9 passengers utmost in the same reservation.

  • The campaign is valid for the round-trip, direct, or domestic connecting flights departing from Europe and Balkan countries and arriving in Türkiye and Northern Cyprus.

  • The offer is valid on the condition that there are at least 15 days between inbound and outbound flights.

  • On the condition that the campaign conditions are met, the 15% discount will be activated right after the inbound and outbound flights are selected.

  • The campaign cannot be combined with another campaign or discount.

  • Jetgenç passenger type is not included in the campaign.

  • In the case of ticket change, all passengers in the reservation must travel together.

  • Tickets for those who leave the group/family are changed at non-discounted prices. If the number of people in the reservation reduces below 3, changes are made for all passengers at non-discounted fares by charging the fare difference.

  • Refund, cancelation, and change requests will be handled by original fare notes of the tickets.

  • Unififi & AnadoluJet reserves the right to change terms & conditions, definitions, and other information and to cancel the offer anytime.

  • Unififi & AnadoluJet reserves the right to take legal action for situations that are against the rules.






Since its establishment in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2013, UNIFIFI Group has become a tech-driven B2B flight distribution supplier serving globally. With one access to rich private/negotiated/promoted content consolidated from multiple mainstream GDSs and NDC/APIs Airline's direct connects, UNIFIFI Cloud APIConnect, and its portal solution Agentshop provide travel merchants with the best shopping and service support. 

Unififi Group has branches in Germany, the United States, Australia, and China have IATA/BSP/ARC certification. UNIFIFI also obtained the IATA NDC Level 3 certification in January 2020 and officially received its
 IATA ARM Index Seller certification in March 2022.

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