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Updated: January 6, 2023


About Us

UNIFIFI is a global travel agency and B2B airline ticket aggregator. Unififi Cloud is a global airline ticket distribution platform ("Unififi Platform" or "Platform") for travel service companies, organizations, and individual buyers ("you", "your", "yours", "merchants", "buyers" or "purchasers") worldwide to search, compare, book, issue, refund and change tickets, to book related ancillaries or other travel products and to manage orders. All rights to our platform technology and software knowledge, business services and management are owned by Hong Kong Unififi International Limited and its affiliates.("I", "our" or "us", or "we").

We provide our services in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Existing customers can directly log on to their accounts on the platform and communicate with online customer service via chatbox, or contact our sales manager, or email us at support@unififi.com
  • For non-customers, please send your inquiry to hello@unififi.com




  • Merchant qualification
  • Fee structure
  • Payment & currency
  • Exchange rate & settlement
  • Application process

Registration and Account

  • Access application
  • Registration information
  • Log-in & account management
Flight Purchase Instrutions
  1. Search and inquiry
  2. Price validation
  3. Order generation
  4. Payment
  5. Ticketing
  6. Post-ticketing Check
  7. Ticketing with Buyer's PNR
  8. NO bit processing
  9. Return of invalid tickets
  10. Rescheduling
  11. Ancillary services (e.g. baggage, infant tickets, itineraries, etc.)
  12. Refunds
  13. Order management
  14. Flight changes
  15. Violations and tickets
  16. Settlement

Service Methods

Regulations, Exemptions, and Disputes

Related Glossary of Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Terms of Service

Our Platform "dynamically connects and represents" service providers (including, but not limited to, airlines, multiple GDS, and fellow suppliers) to provide you with a one-stop self-service: search, booking, ticketing, refund, change of tickets and order management facilities for your travel products (subject to availability).

We provide 24-hour customer support services on the platform for our members.

Your booking is also subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant supplier (e.g., airline), no matter booking through the API, platform portal account, or customer service. You should read these Terms and Conditions carefully before booking. Different Terms and Conditions apply to different travel products (e.g. cancellation and change rights) and these will be provided during the booking process and they are part of the Terms and Conditions. To protect the legitimate rights of members using the Platform for air ticket purchases, you are required to read all reminders on the Platform, which are part of the procurement rules and are subject to strict compliance. For any issues not covered by these procurement instructions, such as transaction rules, the Platform will notify you or follow the relevant provisions of the relevant airline or supplier documents.

By using our website and/or completing a booking with us, you confirm that you accept these Terms and Conditions and those of any relevant supplier and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not understand anything in these terms, please contact us using the online customer service or email. If you do not agree to these terms, you must not use this platform.

By using the Platform, you confirm that you comply with and are responsible for (a) the accuracy of the personal information provided; (b) accepting these terms on behalf of all passengers you are booking for, and ensuring that they comply with (c) checking the details in the booking confirmation letter and contacting us immediately if any of the details are incorrect. (d) paying the full price of the booking and any additional charges associated with the booking. (e) Acknowledging the Platform Privacy Policy and the Data Processing and Security Agreement by applying the laws, rules, regulations, and national standards of all relevant jurisdictions to personal information and related data.

Using the Platform includes, but is not limited to, linked websites, APIs, and applications, whether accessed through cell phones, tablets, or other devices.

We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time and will indicate the date of the last change at the top of the Terms, and any changes will be effective immediately upon posting. If you wish to use our website and/or complete a booking through us, please note the date of the last change and review these Terms and Conditions to ensure you are aware of the terms that apply.

If you encounter a problem that these terms and conditions cannot resolve, please contact us via the live chatbox or email at support@unififi.com. We will do our best to help answer questions and provide a solution.

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Member Qualifications: You confirm that you have the legal qualifications and the ability to enter into legally binding contracts, and you undertake to use our Platform to make reservations legally and in compliance.

A. Air ticket wholesalers and agents: legal airline agent qualification and relevant authority to engage in the agreed-upon activities in this agreement; Local business and taxation qualification; a copy of the business license and IATA qualification will be reviewed.

B. Travel agency: Local business and taxation qualification; a travel agency license that approved by legal authorization.

C. Business travel management company: Valid agent qualifications and relevant authority to engage in the agreed-upon activities in this agreement; local business and taxation qualification.

D. Independent agent or travel consultant: a copy of a valid ID card/passport.

E. Online travel platform: legal online platform operation qualification and relevant authority to engage in the activities in this agreement; local business and taxation qualification;  a copy of the business license will be reviewed.

Please ensure the person in charge or agent in the team represents your organization and have the civil capacity under local law before applying access to our platform. Also, please ensure that you are not subject to any trade restrictions, sanctions, or other laws or rules imposed by any country, international organization, or territory. Otherwise, you may not be able to use our platform and services.

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Fee structure

The Fee includes the base fare, taxes, and service charges agreed with you in the contract.

Platform fees do not include VAT, surcharges by banks, or third-party payment platforms (such as credit card transaction fees and currency conversion charges).


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Payment and Currency

Our platform accepts five payment methods: prepayment, bank card, digital wallet, third-party mobile payment, single-order wire transfer, and credit. Specific payment details and settlement rules are subject to the specific commercial agreement.

  1. Prepayment: Applicable to all purchaser categories, supporting RMB, USD, EUR, and AUD. Each prepayment amount should not be less than two thousand US dollars, or equivalent in other currencies.
  2. Bank Card: Applicable to all purchaser categories, supporting more than 120 currency types. Supported card types include Visa, MasterCard, America Express, JCB, Diner/Discover, CarteBleue, Unionpay, and Purchasers approve industry standard third-party aggregated payment gateway tools provided by the Unififi platform. The purchaser is responsible for the transaction fees incurred subject to the type of bank card, currency, and country/region used by the purchaser. 
  3. Digital wallet and third-party mobile payment: applicable to all purchaser categories. Currently, we only accept RMB settlement with payment methods including one-off transfer, e-Bank, WeChat, Alipay, and YeePay. The purchaser bears the surcharges from the third-party payment platform subject to the terms and conditions of the payment platform.
  4. Single order wire transfer: applicable to all purchasers, the purchaser confirms the ticket and uploads the remittance voucher through the platform, and then provides the ticket number and itinerary for the purchaser after our platform confirms receipt of the payment. Supports RMB, USD, EUR, and AUD (one of four choices).
  5. Credit account: Applicable to qualified enterprise customers, supports RMB, USD, EUR, and AUD (one of four options). If the buyer reaches the "fixed settlement date" or "credit limit full date" (whichever is earlier), the buyer should make payment to the account designated by our platform. If the credit limit needs to be adjusted, the agreement between the two parties shall prevail.

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Exchange Rate and Transaction Fee

The exchange rate of all fees on the platform is calculated in real-time. When you make an online prepayment/payment, you will pay the exact amount shown on the payment page. However, if you pay in a different currency, the account or credit card from which you pay may use an alternate currency exchange rate that you are responsible for confirming. Your payment account provider may also charge you for international transaction fees.

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Application & Account Set-up

Application Process

If you meet the requirements, welcome to submit the access request here.

Our sales representative will contact you, and they might request additional documents. Once the qualification audit is passed, we will grant you the test account and the official account once the commercial terms and agreements are confirmed. 

Depending on your choice of solution and qualification, our sales representative will provide you with the demo and onboarding training once you confirm the commercial agreements.

  • UNIFIFI AgentShop Portal: self-service after log-in, with live online support whenever needed.
  • UNIFIFI FlightConnect API: We will provide full technical support for implementing, testing, and ongoing technical maintenance. For non-automatable fulfillment requests during booking or post-booking services, the Purchaser can access AgentShop Portal to self-serve or get support from our online agent.  
  • UNIFIFI Group Tickets and On-demand Booking: Our consultant will provide service directly based on your requirements.

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Registration Information

We reserve the right to disqualify, disable, and cancel transactions if a purchaser uses false information to apply for registration. The registered account information shall be kept confidential and the account shall be used only by the registered purchaser or the company. The purchaser shall be responsible for any loss in the account.

If the company information corresponding to the payment account used by the purchaser in the online transaction is inconsistent with the company information provided at the time of registration, the two are considered to be related subjects, and they shall jointly comply with the operating specifications required by the platform and bear the legal responsibility corresponding to their procurement behavior on the platform.                  


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Login and Account Management

Once registered as a purchaser on the platform, you will be given a password and account number. You can log in, check and modify your account information (personal data, privacy settings, security settings, etc.) at any time.

In view of the special nature of the web service, the platform is not obliged to validate that it is you who is using the username and password, but only to ensure the username and password are consistent with those saved in the database. At all times, you are the only person legally entitled to use your account and receive the services provided by the Platform. Please keep your password secure and do not share it with anyone else, as you will be responsible for any losses caused by the poor storage of your password. Anyone who enters a username and password that match the ones saved in the database can log in and use the various services provided by the Unififi platform associated with that username and password. . The customer has sole responsibility for all matters arising from the use of their user name and password, even if they believe the account login was by someone else.

If the identity information you provided during registration is inconsistent with the identity information corresponding to the payment account (channel) you used to complete the formal transaction and payment, the legal and valid civil legal subjects of the two identity information (including but not limited to the owner of the cell phone number, the subject of the email account, the IP registrant at the time of payment or registration agreement, privacy policy and booking rules confirmation, etc.) shall be jointly and severally liable for each other.

You are legally entitled to and responsible for the activities, actions, and events that occur through your account. You may not transfer your account, authorize others to use your account, or trade accounts with others in any form.


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Usage Instructions

Purchasers should have professional agency service knowledge and will handle business according to airline ticketing rules and regulations. Non-IATA agency-accredited organizations and individuals should consult our online live agent support for any questions.

Purchasers shall bear the losses caused by their own errors or misconducts, as well as the losses that may cause to the Platform.


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1. Search
  • Support search one-way, round-trip, and multi-cities up to six itineraries at the same time.
  • Support search for all kinds of classes, adult and child prices can be checked directly.
  • If you need specific fares e.g. luggage and infant price, you can consult our 24/7/365 agent chat box online.
  • Support multi-thread, multi-user simultaneous usage.

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2. Compare & Select

The platform dynamically filters and displays fares from the lowest to the highest by default. Unless otherwise specified, all fare terms and conditions are subject to the terms and conditions presented on our platform. We reserve the right to interpret the fare terms and conditions if the system does not display the fare terms and conditions properly.

  • Lowest Fare: The lowest price of all resources available on the platform at the time of ticket issuance.
  • Premium Selection: The price includes a better refund/cancellation policy and/or baggage condition.

If you have any questions about the fares, charges, and conditions, please contact our online customer support directly.

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3. Order Submission
  • Once select the desired option, the buyer can submit the order by completing the passenger information

    (1) The Contact Information, especially the email address, is critical for receiving the flight schedule change alerts once the ticket is issued, please be sure to fill in it correctly.
     (2) "VOID Deadline" is a reference applicable to US and European customers only.
     (3) For submitting for Children passengers, please change the passenger type to "Child" first.
     (4) On the "Submit' page, the buyer should read the detailed "Fare Rules" and "Baggage Allowance" carefully. In case of any questions, buyers should communicate with the online agent from the Platform before placing an order for payment.
  • Note: The purchaser should be fully responsible for the loss or extra cost caused by its own negligence and mistakes, e.g. nationality mismatch, misinterpretation of fare rules for luggage, refund/reschedule conditions. 

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4. Payment
  • Payment method: Please pay according to the payment method in the Contract you agree with us. You acknowledge that the exchange rate between the time of booking and the time of payment may change when you pay in a different currency.
  • Payment Exceptions: for any problems submitting your payment, such as a "Payment Failed" message, please do not submit your payment again. Please contact our online agent on the transaction status. 
  • For "credit account" buyers, if you are prompted with "insufficient credit limit" or "credit outstanding" but you believe you have sufficient credit with us, please contact your dedicated sales manager or online customer service.

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5.  Ticketing
  • If the payment is made successfully within 30 minutes after the PNR order is generated, the platform shall ensure that the ticket is issued at the price when the order is generated (with the "original price"), provided that the fare is valid.

  • If the payment is not completed within 30 minutes after the PNR is generated on our platform or before the carrier/supplier's payment time limit, the potential loss shall be borne by the purchaser. If there's no payment after 24 hours from the PNR generation, the platform will cancel the order automatically, or the carrier/supplier will cancel the unpaid order within 24 hours. The buyer shall bear any consequences and losses due to the delay of payment.

  • Losses caused by any third-party liability, force majeure factors, and/or disputes arising from the purchaser and the purchaser's customers under the premise that there is no mistake caused by the platform, we shall bear no responsibility but shall assist the purchaser in coordinating with the airline for timely processing.

  • All orders paid successfully are considered confirmed requests and will be directly issued. No cancellation and refund application is allowed within 60 minutes after payment. If you need to "cancel the order and apply for a refund" immediately after the payment, please contact our online customer service in a timely manner. The platform will try its best to intercept but does not guarantee the result. The purchaser shall bear the responsibility and loss in case of the failure to cancel. If the purchaser does not communicate in time or issue another ticket, the platform will not bear the loss or any consequence of duplicate booking.

  • Ticket issuance is only completed when the supplier/carrier responds with the ticket number and the platform ticketing status updates to "Ticket issued."  The display of ticket status is used as the confirmation for the ticket issuance, and the platform will not accept any withdrawal requirements after the order status is "Ticket issued." On the occasion that the ticket number isn't displayed or displayed correctly during the automatic ticket number validation, the platform has the responsibility to request the carrier/supplier to update or correct the new ticket number accordingly.

  • If a successful order is "temporarily unavailable," the Platform will promptly inform the purchaser of the reason, and the purchaser can submit a "cancellation order and refund application." For an order that has been successfully paid, If the status of "cannot issue a ticket temporarily" is prompted for a successfully paid order, the platform shall assist the investigation and inform the buyer of the reason and solutions. The buyer can apply for a "Refund due to order Cancellation."

  • Please do not repeatedly submit and pay for the orders with the same request i.e. identical booking code, time, and passenger(s). If you have a double booking, the airline may cancel the trip(s). The buyer should take fully responsible for any loss or extra cost caused by the repeated ticket issuance. The platform will try its best to help with the refund and revocation process but unfortunately, cannot promise the outcome.

  • The ticketing status on the Platform will be updated to "Ticket issued" within 120 minutes after the successful payment. If any exceptional reasons are causing the delay or unsuccessful result, the Platform shall inform the buyer within 60 minutes after the payment and assist with the alternative solution. If no option is available or agreed upon, the platform will refund the purchaser unconditionally.

  • In the event that the supplier has no ticket stock or available fares, and the purchaser payment has not exceeded 45 minutes, the supplier is allowed to refuse the order. The purchaser may choose to cancel the order and rebook, of which the difference will be borne by the purchaser.

  • For non-standard requests, such as tickets for infants, unaccompanied children, VIPs, special passengers like patients and disabled passengers, pets etc., the purchaser cannot self-serve but can contact the online support via the platform. The platform will try its best to assist in processing. If it encounters a situation that cannot be processed, the platform has the right to refuse such orders.

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6. Double-check after ticketing
  • Once the ticket is issued, the platform will display the ticket number. The purchaser needs to double-check whether the PNR (Passenger Name Record) and the information included are correct, such as whether the ticket number is valid, and whether the passenger information, segment status, and other related information are accurate.

  • In case any information is inaccurate, the purchaser needs to contact our online customer service immediately. We will contact the supplier as soon as possible and seek a solution to the extent permitted by the airline.

  • The purchaser will be responsible for any loss incurred as a result of incomplete/inaccurate information provided. Please be aware that our service depends on the supplier's condition, e.g., if the supplier is not available during business hours, the time limit set by the airline for making changes is missed, or if changes cannot be made according to airline regulations and the ticket has to be canceled and re-ordered, the costs will be borne by the purchaser.

  • If the purchaser does not check and provide any feedback on the PNR issued, the platform will not be responsible for any subsequent disputes.

  • In case of duplicate booking by the purchaser, resulting in the cancellation of the seat by the airline after ticketing, the platform shall assist the purchaser to deal with the situation but not bear any responsibility or losses. If the platform or the supplier receives an ADM penalty from the airline due to duplicate occupancy, the platform has the right to claim compensation from the purchaser.

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7. Convert & Decode PNR
  • The platform only supports TravelSky PNR decoding at the moment.

  • When using the PNR decoding feature, the purchaser confirms it has legal consent to represent the PNR passenger(s), and takes full responsibility to monitor the changes and process the orders based on the airline's regulation, e.g., submitting for re-order, payment, or cancellation. The purchaser shall be fully responsible for any losses, including airline ADM penalty to the platform. 

  • For illegal PNR used and decode through the platform, the platform will treat it as a violation of the service terms and will take procedures including but not limited to cancellation of orders without refund. The purchaser shall bear all consequences, including but not limited to any loss caused to the platform.

  • The purchaser must enter complete and accurate information, including but not limited to CTCT, CTCM, CTCE, API, DOCS, and other relevant information necessary for the ticketing process following the requirements of the related airlines. If the information is not entered correctly, the purchaser shall be responsible for all consequences.

  • If there is incomplete information that affects the ticket issuance, the platform may inform the purchaser and agree to complete the information on behalf of the purchaser according to the usual practice. However, the Platform does not guarantee the result, and all consequences arising from this shall be borne by the purchaser.

  • If there is any falsification or modification of information, the purchaser shall bear all the consequences, and if any loss is caused to the platform, the platform has the right to recover from the purchaser.

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8. "NO" status handling
  • The error response "NO" status happens due to different reasons e.g. the inventory has been modified by the airline since the PNR was created, or there is an availability discrepancy between the Platform and its suppliers' system when the PNR was created.

  • Purchasers are requested to reserve a minimum of 2 hours to allow ticket issuance after payment completion (based on the time limit for ticket issuance stipulated by GDS). For any emergency ticketing requirements, please contact our online customer service immediately. The platform will try to prioritize, but there is no guarantee of successful ticketing.

  • For any "No Inventory" error due to the Platform's delay in ticketing, the Platform will provide compensation according to the circumstances. The maximum possible compensation shall not exceed the difference in fare of the booked class. This compensation is NOT applied for the following circumstances:

    • the purchaser doesn't make payment successfully in time.
    • ticketing failures due to incomplete information entered by the purchaser
    • any 3rd party factors that the Platform cannot control e.g. the actions or system condition of the supply/airline
    • force majeure, e.g., network disconnection and power failure)
    • any violence of this terms of service
  • If the purchaser has paid in time but gets the “NO” response due to the airline's inventory updates or other factors beyond the control of the platform, the platform can propose an alternative booking solution to the purchaser if any. If there's no acceptable replacement option, the Platform will make a full refund of the cost of the original flight ticket.

  • If the purchaser has paid, but there are problems or disputes, e.g., discontinued flight segments, booking code cannot be entered, inaccurate document information, etc., the platform will do its best to assist with the solution, but no success is guaranteed. The purchaser shall be responsible for any loss during the communication process.

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  • To VOID a ticket, please submit the request with the note "Voluntary Cancellation" via the Platform. Our online customer service will review and respond timely.

  • VOID deadline: please refer to the "latest time for ticket cancellation" displayed on the platform. If there is any difference, customer service information shall prevail. 

  • When close to the deadline or in need of an urgent cancellation verification, please contact our online customer service directly to prioritize the handling.

  • To apply for a refund, please submit a refund request via the Platform and indicate whether it is voluntary or involuntary. If you are applying for an involuntary refund, please state the reason in the comment column, such as medical emergency, death, or visa refusal. You need to upload the relevant certificates in the attachment.
  • No certificates are required if the refund application is caused by a delay or cancellation by the airline.
  • Please be aware that only the unused segment of the ticket is refundable. The Ticket Service Fees are not refundable.
  • In case of emergency refunds close to the flight departure time, you can contact customer service first and cancel your trip to avoid the NO SHOW penalty.


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  • You can request rebooking directly via our Platform under “Order Management.” Please fill in the new flight's information. If there are multiple passengers in one PNR, please carefully mark the passenger(s) who need the reschedule. 
  • Our online customer service will process the application by the order of submission. In case of an emergency, please get in touch with online customer service directly for expedited handling.
  • About booking class when exchange/reissue: you can fill in the desired new class in the change request column. If there is no specific desired class to change to, please fill in the same class as the original ticket so that we will review the original ticketed class. If there is no original class, we will inform the current available class and price.
  • The rebooking will be handled once the Purchaser confirms the rescheduling fee and complete the new payment. The reschedule request cannot be canceled after payment.

Important Reminder: Due to the real-time changes in the availability of airfares, please submit the confirmation and complete the payment before the exchange deadline displayed on the platform. If the payment is not made successfully after the deadline, the exchange order may be canceled. The Purchaser is responsible to monitor its status and resubmit if the request is canceled. ("Resubmit" feature is available in the Order Cancelled list)

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11. Other Services:. Luggage, Infant Ticket & Itinerary
Ø  Additional Luggage
If the order is not paid:
(1) Customer service will provide the luggage-included price for Purchaser's confirmation. Upon the Purchaser's confirmation, customer service will alter the original order price to the new price. The buyer then can make the payment accordingly.
(2) After the successful payment, the Platform will issue the ticket and reflect the ticket number on the Platform.
If the order has been paid, or the ticket has been issued:
(1) The Purchaser needs to apply and complete the VOID ticket process. 
(2) The customer service to provide the new luggage-included price for the Purchaser to confirm. Once firmed, the new order will be imported manually.
(3) Once the Purchases complete the payment successfully, our customer service will issue the ticket and reflect the new ticket number on the Platform.


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Ø  Infant Ticket

Whether paid or not, when you need to add an Infant to an order:

(1) Our online customer support will quote the infant price upon request. The new order with infant information will be created manually once the Purchaser confirms the quote
(2)The Purchaser needs to complete the payment of the new order before the Platform issues the ticket, and the new ticket number will be reflected on the Platform.

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Ø  Itinerary and Invoice

The Platform can only provide invoices as proof of payment, but not the itinerary document except for the orders via TravelSky e-Term.

The Platform will charge an additional service fee for invoice requests.

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Ø  Special Trip Requests

If there is no result found for certain routes, the Purchaser can contact our online customer support. The order will be manually created and imported into the Platform.

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12. Refund Procedure

Unless we agree otherwise, any refund will be made via the original payment method. The date of the payment arrival depends on your account or bank card provider.

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13.  Order Management

The Purchaser is fully responsible to manage its orders. Through the Order Management section in the Platform, you can access all details of your order, including order status, refunds, and exchange/rebooking. The Purchaser can simply filter by status to manage outstanding orders. The Purchaser needs to request the Platform to troubleshoot in case of errors. 

  • Booking List: Manage all orders generated via the Platform.
  • RFND List: Manage all canceled/refund orders.
  • EXCH List: Manage all exchange/rebooking requests.

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14. Flight Schedule Changes
  • As a value-added service, the Platform provides flight change monitoring and will send notifications to the designated email address provided by the Purchaser. Purchasers are responsible for notifying passengers and arranging follow-up services promptly. Please make sure that the contact information you fill in is valid when placing an order. The Platform isn't responsible for any loss caused by inaccurate email addresses or failure in email delivery.

  • Please understand that we are not able to provide any notification if the airline makes last-minute schedule changes, e.g., less than 24 hours before the departure time.

  • Each airline has its own rule for rebooking or refunding due to flight schedule changes. Some airline requires the passenger to handle it directly. The Purchaser is responsible to follow up the process according to the airline regulation once receiving the notification. If you fail to do so in time, you will be responsible for all losses.

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15. Violation and Penalty
  • Purchaser agrees to comply with the Platform rules and international flight ticketing regulations from the airlines and GDSs. For any misconduct, while using the Platform, including but not limited to malicious seat occupation, and illegal downgrading, the Platform reserves the right to withhold the purchaser's ticket payment in order to protect the interests of airlines and the platform or collect the corresponding risk deposit.  

  • For serious violations, the Platform has the right to unilaterally cancel the transaction, and all economic losses and legal responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the purchaser.

    1) If there is any manipulation of the PNRs such as skip-lagging, illegal booking low classes etc., the platform and the supplier have the right to directly withdraw the order processing.

    2) Based on the transaction security terms, the Platform has the right to require the purchaser to provide, including but not limited to, a guarantee letter and deposit. In the process of issuing tickets, if the supplier is temporarily unable to invoice for reasons such as "manipulation of PNRs", the purchaser is obligated to cooperate with the platform to provide a letter of commitment, guarantee or deposit as soon as possible.

    3) For the ticketed orders, the Platform reserves the right to cancel tickets without refund to the purchaser if the Airline informs of any violation or abuse of usage. If the Airline issues an ADM (Agent Debit Memo) due to the Purchaser's misconduct, the Platform shall have the right to recover any losses and penalties caused by the Purchaser.


    4) In the event of ADM issued by the airline, or other losses caused by the Purchaser, the Platform shall have the right to freeze or temporarily deduct funds from all related accounts under the offending account. If the Platform advances the amount of the ticket, it has the right to directly offset the frozen amount or withheld funds. The Purchaser shall bear all the compensation and legal responsibility for the airline tickets or any losses caused to the Platform and its third party, including but not limited to litigation compensation, litigation costs, attorney fees, etc., and shall pay the corresponding amount to the Platform within 7 working days after receiving the relevant proof of losses from the Platform. 

    5) In addition to the above violations listed, including but not limited to "false occupation of airline seats without issuing tickets", "illegal issuance of tickets for group bookings", "illegal void tickets" and other acts that actually result in penalties from the airline, the platform has the right to reclaim, freeze or suspend the tickets, and request the Purchaser to assume liability for losses.


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16. Settlement
  • Settlement rules, including but not limited to settlement currency, methods, and service fees, will be signed separately based on contractual agreements between parties.

  • The Purchaser can find and download the relevant order details in the "Order Management" and "Settlement" sections on the platform. If the invoice amount does not match, Party B shall immediately take the initiative to contact the sales manager of the platform.

  • The order & settlement verification supports might be postponed to the first working day in case of public holidays. 

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Account Management
Account Description:

Our platform has two types of accounts: Trial Account & Official Account.

Trial Account:

The Platform can provide short-term trial accounts for qualified merchants or purchasers. The trial account has basic features e.g. search and pricing. The trial account will expire automatically after 30 days if no official commercial agreement.

Official Account:

  • Once the official account is established, the purchaser is deemed to have agreed and committed to complying with the Terms and Conditions of the Platform, including but not limited to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Data Processing, and Security Protocol.

  • The Purchaser is responsible for any operation through its own account. The Purchaser has to keep its own account securely and exclusively for its own usage. If the Purchaser or its affiliated users misuse the Platform and cause losses to both parties or third parties, the Purchaser shall bear the corresponding financial and legal responsibilities.

  • The Purchaser shall take full responsibility for keeping and supervising its associated activities on the Platform, including but not limited to usernames, passwords, and related account information. If the Purchaser's account is stolen or embezzled by any third party due to its failure to properly use and keep the merchant account, or any losses caused to its merchant account through hacker attack and virus attack by any third party, The Purchaser shall bear full responsibilities. If any damage is caused to the Platform and/or any third party, the Platform shall have the right to request the Purchaser to assume the liability for damages.  

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Account Look-to-Book Ratio (L2B)

  • L2B Ratio compares the proportion of search requests to the proportion of actual bookings made on the monthly basis. For merchants who search and book solely via UNIFIFI AgentShop Portal, the Platform provides a maximum of 3000:1 L2B at no cost. For merchants who integrate our FlightConnect API, the L2B ratio and additional cost will be agreed upon separately according to the contract.

  • Traffic management and monitoring: Purchasers are responsible to monitor their own usage on the Platform. If the searches triggered by the Purchasers are not proportional to the ticket issued, the platform has the right to suspend or terminate the accounts.

  • Service fees for excessive L2B ratio: if the Purchaser exceeds the agreed L2B ratio, the Platform has the right to determine whether the service fee applies. In principle, the L2B ratio of the purchaser cannot be lower than the regulations, or the number of free searches cannot be higher than the regulations. If the monthly query booking ratio is lower than the prescribed ratio or the number of free searches is higher than the prescribed, the Platform reserves the right to remind and charge the platform service fee.

  • In the case of the Purchaser has not logged into the Platform for more than 12 consecutive months, the Platform will default the account inactive and reserves the right to suspend the access rights,

  • In case of information leakage, misuse, unauthorized usage, or any other security incidents, the Purchaser shall inform the Platform immediately within 24 hours. The Purchaser understands that the Platform would have to take a reasonable lead time to act on a request from you, and that action taken by us at your submission may not prevent or stop the formation or expansion of such infringement. The Platform will not be liable except to the extent that the Platform is legally at fault.

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Forgot Password

The Purchaser shall contact the Platform's Account Manager on a reset.

The Purchaser is responsible for the password reset management for its own sub-accounts.

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Account Cancellation

Both Parties may propose to terminate the service at any time. Both parties are required to settle the incurred bills and service invoices within three business days after the proposed termination.

If the Purchaser disagrees with the Terms of Service or subsequent changes or is dissatisfied with the service provided by the Platform, the Purchaser may appeal by contacting us and has the right to dispose of the following.

(1) Stop using the Platform and services.
(2) End its own users' eligibility to access the Platform.
(3) Notify the Platform to stop the service. Upon termination of the service, the Purchaser's right to use the Platform shall cease immediately. The Platform will have no further obligations to the Purchaser.
Customer Service
  • Regular Supports

    • Online customer supports:7x24x365 all-day service. Purchasers should log in to the Platform and click the Chat icon at the bottom right of the webpage to communicate with our online agents. 

    • Hotline support: 7x24x365 all-day service.  Please be aware that international long-distance charges apply when making international calls. 

      United States: +1-909-677-2777
      Germany:  +49-21-173-710-001
      Mainland China: 400-6666-831

    • Customer service email: support@unififi.com

  • Business Support Functions e.g. Commercial & Account Management, Finance & Technical departments:
    • Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 Hong Kong / Beijing Time (GMT+8)。

    • Please note that our business support department is closed on the following public holidays: Jan. 1-3 2022, Jan 31-Feb 6 2022, April 3-5 2022, April 30-May 4 2022, June 3-5 2022, Sept. 10-12 2022, Oct. 1-7 2022, Dec. 25 2022, 31 Dec. 2022 (after 01:00 pm). 

  • In case of any adjustment to our working hours, we will provide notifications separately.


Regulations, Disclaimer, and Disputes

By accessing our Platform, you agree to and accept the Terms and Conditions and the notices updated on the Platform.  Unless agreed separately, the formation, performance, and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of any disputes arising hereunder shall be governed by the laws of [the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China].

Purchaser assumes full responsibility for any information provided through the Platform, including, but not limited to, company name, contact, and contact information, reservation information, etc. The Platform assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, legality, or authenticity of such information.

Unififi Group assumes no responsibility for any commercial activity or risk associated with the use or provision of information on this site. Purchasers may download the materials displayed on this site for personal study and research purposes only and may not use them for any commercial purposes, whether or not expressly stated on the materials, and all such materials are legally protected by copyright laws. Purchasers may not distribute, modify, disseminate, reuse, retransmit, or use the content of this site for any public commercial purpose without prior consent.

Intellectual property rights and trademark disclaimer: The Platform independently owns or is eligible to leverage the relevant content from the Suppliers, including but not limited to text, images, audio, video, etc. within the Platform. Without our written permission, no entity or individual may use, reproduce, modify, transcribe, transmit, or bundle with other products or sell any part of the above-mentioned content or trademarks in any way or for any reason.

We hereby specifically disclaim any legal liability for the following:

1. You understand and agree that the Service provided by us may be affected by Force Majeure and other Exemption Clause. Force majeure means any objective circumstance or event which is unforeseeable and, if foreseeable, its consequences cannot be avoided and cannot be overcome, including but not limited to typhoons, fires, floods, earthquakes, severe weather, the act of God, epidemic, trade sanction, embargo, strike, riot, labor dispute, the act of terrorism or threat of terrorism, national crisis, and national emergency, war, government or court decisions or orders, communication failure, hacker attack, virus attack or any other cause beyond the control of us.  If either Party is prevented from performing its obligations due to an Event of Force Majeure, such Party shall be suspended from performing such obligations; but, if such Event of Force Majeure makes it impossible to perform such obligations, the other Party shall be notified in good time, and the corresponding certificate of the Force Majeure shall be provided. The matter shall be settled through further consultations by the Parties. Should the Event of Force Majeure last for more than twenty (20) calendar days, either Party shall have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement by serving a written notice on the other Party.

2. In case of system failure, the Platform has the responsibility to act and repair it in time. However, Unififi Group shall not be liable for any economic losses you have incurred as a result. In addition, Unififi reserves the right to suspend certain services for maintenance, upgrade, or other purposes without prior notice.

3. You understand and agree that Unififi Group shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative, or punitive damages for damages caused by any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to profits, goodwill, use, data compensation for loss of data, data, etc., regardless of whether you have been informed of the possibility of such damages by us:
(1) Use or failure to use Unififi Services by you.
(2) Changes to your data due to unapproved third-party use.
(3) Expenses and losses incurred through the purchase or acquisition of any commodities, samples, data, information or transactions through our service or other acts or substitute acts.
(4) Your misunderstanding or misinterpretation of our services.
(5) Any other loss related to our services that are not caused by us.

4. The Platform has no obligation to review the Purchaser's registration data, commodity (service) information, transaction behavior and other matters related to the transaction of Purchasers in advance unless clearly required by laws and regulations, or in the following circumstances:

(1) We have reasonable grounds to believe that there may be major violations of laws or breaches in service and transaction matters.
(2) We have reasonable grounds to believe that the Purchaser's behavior on the Platform is suspected of violating laws and regulations.

5. The advice and information you obtain through Unififi Group, no matter its form or performance, in no way constitute any guarantee not expressly provided in this agreement.

6. The Platform provides links to other systems, websites, or resources on the Internet, and you may link to websites operated by other operators, but it does not mean that Unififi has any relationship with these operators. Websites operated by other operators are the responsibility of the operators themselves and are not under the control and responsibility of Unififi Group. You also do not warrant or be responsible for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on or derived from such sites or resources. Unififi Group shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss arising from the use of or reliance on any content, items, or services posted on or obtained through any such website or resource.

7. Neither party shall be liable for the impossibility, unnecessary, or meaningless performance of this agreement due to force majeure or other unexpected events. The force majeure referred to in this agreement refers to objective situations or events whose occurrence cannot be foreseen, and even if foreseeable, the consequences cannot be avoided or overcome, including but not limited to typhoons, fires, earthquakes, severe weather, natural disasters, epidemics, trade sanctions, Embargoes, strikes, riots, labor disputes, terrorist acts or threats of terrorism, national crises and national emergencies, war, government or court decisions or orders, communication failures, hacker attacks, virus attacks, or any other event beyond the control of the party reason.


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Term Definition

Please refer details here Unififi Group's Glossary of Terms

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Frequently Asked Questions

See FAQs for details. We will supplement from time to time, and you are welcome to ask your questions.


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