B2B air ticketing solutions @ UNIFIFI

Everything you need to start serve your customers with global airfares.
No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees.

Process to start

Whether you’re adding flight content complementary to your platform or directly using us as a single source to purchase, we’re excited to work with you.

1. Request

Apply Access or Request for a Demo

via Our Website, or Directly Contact Our Rep. You might be asked to share your business profile, service demands, and payment preference.

2. Initiate

Our sales rep will be right back in touch with you. 

You might need to provide additional credential documents to verify details, such as a business license and sign a bilateral NDA.

3. Commit

We would align and settle our commercial top-lines, including charges, billing, and settlement methods.

For API merchants - we will supply our API document, test environments, and supports to your developers.

4. Prepare

Account Configuration

Full contract sign-up

For API merchants - we will set up the official production environment and assist the  final QA and launch.

5. Active

Welcome and Onboarding

6. Run

Ongoing 24/7/365 B2B client support via Web/E-mail/Phone. Languages: English & Chinese.

Regular operational feedback.

Pricing and Commercials

Please be aware each merchant's eligibility and the contractual details are subject to qualification approval.

Set-up & Connectivity

☑️  License Fee: FREE

☑️  Account Set-up Fee: FREE

☑️  Ongoing Technical Maintenance Fee: FREE

☑️  L2B Ratio: customizable*

☑️  Minimum Monthly Booking: customizable*


Shopping & Post-sales Service Charges*

☑️  Ticket Issue: up to 5 USD**

☑️  Ticket Re-issue: up to 20 USD**

☑️  Ticket Refund: up to 20 USD**

☑️  Ticket VOID: FREE

☑️  Flight Change Alert: FREE

☑️  Manual-Service on Demand: up to 20 USD**

e.g. extra baggage(s), name correction, infant ticket purchase, seat selection, check-in assistance

Payment Method

  1. Prepayment. Currencies supported: USD, EUR, AUD, CNY
  2. Credit settlement. Currencies supported: USD, EUR, AUD, CNY
  3. Credit cards & debit cards, and support 3D Flex: Support 130+ currencies. Surcharges may apply based on card type/region.
  4. Bank Wire Transfer
  5. Real-time account replenishment transfer: Mainland China and CNY only.
  6. Cheque: US market and USD only


Unless agreed separately, all payments are exclusive of VAT and transaction-related surcharges caused by the payment method/currency chosen.


* per service, per ticket

** equivalent currency value


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Terms and Conditions

Our solution is comprehensive, but the terms of usage are straightforward.


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